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Anti Fraud Information You Need To Know Used Cars in Cyprus Best cars Cyprus, classifieds to buy and sell used cars in Cyprus. Here you can sell your car or buy a used car or even buy a new car. New and used auto moto here.

Anti Fraud Information You Need To Know

Read the following to avoid losing your time or money.

Never buy a car or motorcycle on the internet(here or on any other website) without meeting the seller and seeing the car or moto being sold in reality. Also it's a very good idea to take the car to a mechanic to check the technical condition of the car or moto.A low price does not necessarily mean a good deal.

This website will NEVER send you emails asking for any information from you.
If you are being asked for anything on this website's behalf just ignore them.

You may get updates of the listing on email but ONLY if you request that.

If something sounds too good to be true then most probably it’s not.

When making a transaction keep in mind that this website's role is just to establish communication between a buyer and a seller. We don't intermediate any transactions.

You need to be aware that even if you are a seller you can still be scammed. The general rule is that you should be suspicious about any unusual request. If someone from outside Cyprus contacts you about buying your car be very suspicious.


If you have good reasons to belive that you have identified a scammer don't tell him anything about what you think,
act normal but notify the police a.s.a.p.

Many people loose money because they don't have enough information about scams. Click here to get more information about automotive scams.